How We Work

Unfortunately, as an unregulated industry, the engine building trade doesn't always have the best reputation.  

You may have been ripped off in the past or know someone that has been? We've frequently heard stories from many of our customers of how they've paid for an engine that was either not right from the start or that it failed after only a few hundred miles. In some cases an engine was never delivered. Sound familiar?

The simple fact is that when you recondition an engine and do the job properly, to keep costs sensible, you need to have a serviceable exchange engine. It is impossible to speculate a price over the phone unless you could definitively tell us that A) You don't have an exchange engine, in which case we can work out the best, most cost effective route to take or B) You've already had your engine stripped and that there is a hole in the engine block or the crankshaft has snapped, making it is easier to work out a price to replace your engine.

We can give you an idea over the phone or via email but the only way to know for sure is to strip, clean, measure and inspect the engine. We can arrange collection of your engine on a pallet or we can recover the entire vehicle. Pallet collection prices for most areas in the U.K are £45+VAT (more in Northern Ireland & Scottish Highlands). To get your vehicle recovered, get in touch for a collection quote.

Our Promise To You

We believe in transparency here. That's why we offer a range of engine stripping services that will give you peace of mind and ensure you're not in for any nasty surprises.

Engine Strip for Supply Only

We can arrange nationwide collection of your engine on a pallet and once received, we will strip and inspect your engine for free. We will pressure test the cylinder head, measure the cylinder bores and measure and crack test the crankshaft. We will then quote you a price to the penny for your engine rebuild and we never undertake any work until we have spoken to you and you are happy to proceed with an engine rebuild. 

Engine Removal for Supply & Fit

If you require us to supply and fit your engine then we offer a capped labour rate that guarantees that you only pay a fixed price until you decide to go ahead with an engine rebuild. The prices are as follows:


For most vehicles including Mercedes Sprinter/Renault Master vans etc. the labour rate is capped at only £150+VAT to remove your engine, strip the ancillary parts, strip the engine, inspect it and quote you a price. If the damage to your engine was more extensive than first feared or you're not in a financial position to proceed at that time then your only liability to us is £150+VAT.

For larger vehicles that are a little more labour intensive like Audi Q7s or BMW X5s etc. the labour rate is capped at only £225+VAT to remove your engine, strip the ancillary parts, strip the engine, inspect it and quote you a price. Again, if you didn't want to proceed, for whatever reason, then you will pay no more than £225+VAT.

For Range Rovers & Land Rovers with a V6 or V8 engine that require the body to be removed the labour rate is capped at only £500+VAT to remove the body from the vehicle, remove your engine, strip the ancillary parts, strip the engine, inspect it and quote you a price. That is probably the cheapest price in the country!

That's our promise to you. Our guarantee, laid out in black and white, that there is only a nominal fee to pay until you decide to buy an engine from us. If you need any help or advice then you are more than welcome to call us or pop down for a chat. You're welcome to come, unannounced, during normal working hours and we'll show you around and answer any questions you may have. We'll even make you a coffee!

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